Labor and Social Security Law

Litigation and Administrative Litigation

Collective and Labor Law

Preventive Consulting

Due Diligence


Tax Law

Litigation and Administrative Litigation


Tax Planning

Due Diligence and Structuring of M&A

Assistance on Merger and Acquisition

Project Finance and Corporate Restructuring

Corporate Law and M&A

Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

Trade Agreements

Due Diligence

Reorganization and Corporate Restructuring

Shareholders’ Agreements

Corporate Governance

Legal Audits

Succession Planning

Litigation and Administrative Litigation


Asset Structuring


Civil and Trade Litigation


Business Litigation and Consulting in General


Elaboration, revision, and assistance on negotiation of general agreements


Real Estate Law

Assistance and Structuring of Real Estate Business

Due Diligence

Agreements involving estate business

Litigation and Administrative Litigation

Tax Criminal and Economic

Expert performance on the following areas:

  1. Crimes against Labor Organization
  2. Crimes against Fiscal and Tax Order
  3. Crimes against Social Security
  4. Crimes against Consumption Relationships
  5. Crimes against Environment
  6. Crimes against Brazilian National Financial System
  7. Crimes against Industrial Property
  8. Corporate and Insolvency Crimes, bankruptcy
  9. Crimes against Public Administration

Extrajudicial litigation (follow-up of criminal investigatory procedure)


Consulting (elaboration of opinions)

Environmental and Mining Law

Administrative and Judicial Litigation


Due Diligences

New regulatory framework for mining

Advising for environmental licensing and regularization

Negotiations involving mining companies and regulatory bodies

Advisory services for the negotiation of mining assets

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